Azikus is a full service digital agency specialized in developing high quality digital products.

We design, develop and deploy cutting-edge solutions.

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  • UI/UX design
  • Android / iOS

Long-term cooperation between us and the Electronic Money Institution and fintech platform from Croatia have resulted in one of the best-rated financial applications on Google Play, App Store and App Gallery.

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  • R&D
  • IT Consulting
  • Mobile app

Welcome to the football metaverse.

With our consulting and professional support, by utilising the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality and NFTs, we've helped the client launch the fastest NFT based football manager.



  • UI/UX design
  • iOS / Android
  • Backend
  • CMS

This innovative advertising method connects the brand, the ride, and the audience.

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Our team provides ongoing assistance and mentoring to create, develop, and launch high quality solutions.

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Integrate foundational AI models seamlessly into your workflows and applications. We assist you in determining the most effective integration strategy for your specific business needs and develop the tailored solution you require.

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Technical consultancy

Begin your custom development project with a solid foundation. Through functional design, we establish the groundwork for all the design and development phases of your project.

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Functional design

Navigate the dynamic digital landscape with confidence. We provide expert guidance throughout the development process, enabling you to optimize your solution and craft meaningful digital experiences.

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Team / individual outsource

Outsource to a dedicated team or skilled individuals, providing your project with specialized expertise and flexibility to ensure customized solutions and successful outcomes in a competitive market.

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Breaking News.

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Azikus is the winner of the fifth season of the Business Basketball League 🏆

Azikus triumphs as the top-ranked team in the fiercely contested Business Basketball League, showcasing exceptional skills and teamwork.

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Clutch Crowns Azikus as One of the Top 1000 Companies in the world

We're delighted to share that, Clutch, the global B2B service provider marketplace, has recognized Azikus as one of the Top 1000 companies worldwide!!!

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We Have Launched Innovative Mobile Application for Business Basketball League Fans

Stay Informed and Up-to-Date on the Latest Scores, Statistics, and Results with BBL App.

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Unleashing the Power of Web3 and Blockchain in iOS — Part 1

This initial article serves as an introductory guide, outlining the essential components of blockchain technology and how they can be utilized in iOS environments.

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CI/CD in iOS development

Accelerate your iOS app development process with CI/CD. Learn how to streamline testing, shorten build times, and ensure robustness in this comprehensive guide.

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Building 3D Avatars in iOS using SceneKit

While playing around with your smartphone, there must have been a situation when you saw a 3D object on the screen and you wondered how it was constructed under the hood. In this article I will explain the key...

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Building the Pokédex in iOS using Core ML

Who's that Pokemon? I bet you've heard this question more than once in your life. There aren't many people that exactly know every Pokemon's name and their evolutions. In our opinion, this is a good reason...

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