• UI/UX design
  • R&D
  • iOS
  • Firebase backend

To show that we don't only excel at making digital products, we joined Business Basketball League to show off our basketball skills. To make the experience more fun and informative to all fans and players, we've examined the current setup and set off to create a native iOS app and middleware, while utilizing the existing WordPress API.

Project: BBL


The innovative and modern layout of the application allows for effortless navigation and complete visibility of its functions for all users. Our team of designers has effectively converted the idea into a tangible and graphical form.

Project details img: Design

Firebase backend and WordPress

We used the WordPress JSON API to extract data from BBL’s official website. Some of the data was stored in the Firebase database to ensure the best user experience and low waiting times.

Project details img: Firebase backend and WordPress


Firebase backend sends automatic notifications when new data is available and serves the data saved in the database. This way, users will never miss the latest results and statistics from games.

Project details img: Notifications

Check out the latest results and statistics

App shows all the new results and statistics from the league. Users can monitor results for their favorite team on the My Team tab or check out the results from games on the Matchups tab. Of course, app shows the team and player leaderboards on the Leaderboards tab.

Project details img: Check out the latest results and statistics

YouTube and media

BBL is an active YouTube channel where are post-game interviews and teaser trailers uploaded. On the Media tab, users can watch the videos directly from YouTube.

Project details img: YouTube and media



Case study
project image


Case study
project image